Aesthetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is a concept proposed by dentists as a result of advances in technology. This has a huge importance on physical appearance and requires, besides knowledge and abilities, an artistic eye.

It involves dental procedures that improve the appearance of the smile. A bright smile has numerous beneficial effects on self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.

Cosmetic dentistry solves without complications the complaints about teeth discoloration, unaesthetically positions of the teeth, through minimal or non-invasive methods: whitening, veneers, bonding, aesthetic crowns, orthodontic flare. 

Dental Whitening

albireAs time passes by, the enamel wears out and so the glow of the teeth disappears. Moreover, different coloured foods (red wine, black coffee or tea, beets, berries) could stain your teeth.Bleaching provides tooth whitening and can be performed in two manners.

In office bleaching will take about 45 minutes and uses low power laser or blue LED light to activate the bleaching gel.

Another option, for people with increased sensitivity, is home bleaching; the dentist provides a pair of trays, to be filled with bleaching gel of a much lower concentration.

You'll be wearing these trays for 7 to 10 nights.We do not encourage using over the counter bleaching products - your dentist will prescribe the right method based on clinical findings, will provide the right dosage and advice, will assist in preventing any discomfort due to increased sensitivity. albire 2

Ceramic Veneers

fateteCover the external surface of a tooth to improve its appearance.

These are useful in situations like a gap between front teeth (midline), fractured teeth or stained teeth after root canal treatment.

Ceramic veneers can be prepared using dental laboratory or in a single session with CAD/CAM Cerec System.


bondingBonding involves coating small coronal chippings by applying a composite material.

This procedure is faster than the preparation of dental veneers, but it has fewer indications, such as small aesthetic improvements on the teeth.

Bonding requires sacrificing a minimal amount of enamel from the tooth structure, but it has a shorter resistance and color stability over time.

Applying dental jewelries

bijuteriiApplying dental jewelries- is a measure of improving the look of your teeth, and your smile that will surely charm others.

Gold jewelry or Swarovski crystals can be used, which are applied on the tooth surface, without polishing it, by using an adhesive.

The procedure is painless, does not affect the teeth and can be removed or replaced by the doctor when the patient decides so.

They are perfect for those who want a touch of glamour and elegance.


“In the past, I had a real anxiety about dental treatments. This is the cause I neglected teeth care due to fear of pain and discomfort, but after a visit at Biodent Professional, I realized that I had no reason to fear. The procedure was relaxing and comfortable; I almost forgot why I was there. I will need a complex treatment in the future and I’ll return with confidence every time.”

Marin C.

“I was very excited about the first visit, so I’ve decided to continue my treatment at this clinic. First of all, the location is easy to find, the reception staff welcoming and polite, and the doctors are working in a careful and painless manner. I highly recommend it to my friends and family.”

Iulia S.

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Orthodontics in our Facility

Orthodontics is the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of incorrect positions of teeth and jaw bones. Orthodontic therapy is targeting the detection of bad habits or incorrect positioning of the teeth to ensure an optimal health and aesthetic. Braces are used, applied on teeth to ensure harmonious development of maxillary apparatus. As the diagnosis is occurring earlier, so the treatment has a greater success rate.

Oral Implantology

Implants are made of biocompatible materials (Titanium or Zirconia) inserted into the alveolar bone to replace missing teeth. They serve as an anchor for dental crowns. They can replace one or more missing teeth, or they can stabilise existing removable dentures. The implants look like natural teeth, they have an increased resistance, while being very stable and comfortable compared to traditional alternatives. Complex regenerative procedures are available, to compensate for bone or soft tissue loss, growth factors that promote healing are used as well.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A bright smile has many beneficial effects on self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.
Esthetic Dentistry solves without complications color dissatisfaction, colored spots, unaesthetically positions of the teeth, through minimal or non-invasive methods: whitening, veneers, bonding, aesthetic crowns, orthodontic flare.